Ronald McDonald House

To the Ronald McDonald House Family and Friends:

June, 2005

By James and Angelyn Cepeda and Family ~ To the Ronald McDonald House family and friends:

Life is God’s greatest gift. So special that we must cherish every moment we have with those we truly love, for that moment can be gone. And when that final moment comes, we are left to hold on to the sweet and loving memories—and the bitter lesson of life’s fragility and the preciousness of our borrowed time.

The Cepedas
The Cepedas
But because of Jaimelyn’s life and passing, my husband and I can no longer take things in life for granted. We live each day to the fullest. We try to solve most problems before the end of the day and not depend on tomorrow to come, for the next day may be too late. So we fondly kiss and hug our loved ones goodnight, and tell them we love them, for the future is not guaranteed.

These changes in us are because of our little Jaimelyn. We, the family of Jaimelyn Maria Castro Cepeda, would like to extend our sincere appreciation for all of your love, kindnesses and support--but most of all, your prayers in our time of sorrow. Thank you and God bless you all.  §

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