Ronald McDonald House

Each year Ronald McDonald House Charities Hawaii assists hundreds of families by providing a home–away–from home with food, services, including transportation, and love and care. As they heal and grow stronger together at our Houses, many families share their unique and touching stories.

Below are some words shared by our families. To read the full story, click the link below each quote.

Emma and Trey
Keaka and Cara Dudoit (Big Island)

“When we learned Keaka needed radiation treatments for cancer Monday through Friday, we knew we needed the Ronald McDonald House on Oahu. They take care of your basic needs…it's such a relief. To still feel normal and not worry about additional financials on top of medical care lets you stay focused on your child's health and care.” — Cara Dudoit

Emma and Trey
Heather & Iaone Davis (Lanai)

“Literally, everything changed overnight,” Heather Davis said about the pre-term delivery of Anuhea. An urgent flight to Oahu from Lanai left Heather and Ioane Davis virtually homeless. “When social workers said there was a room for us at the Ronald McDonald House, we just looked at each other and cried out of relief.”

Emma and Trey
Emma & Trey (Connecticut)

“Everything happens so fast, you don’t have time to think about it or to process anything. It’s nice to have some place to come back to for a meal and to rest,” Trey said.

Mounga Family
Mounga Family (Utah)

“RMHC Hawaii is a huge blessing for us and others who don't live on Oahu,” Lavinia said after giving birth in flight from Utah to Oahu and being referred to the Judd Hillside House. “We found comfort in getting to know staff and other families at the House and in hearing their stories.”

Beaver Family
Beaver Family (Big Island)

“I feel so lucky to be able to stay at Ronald McDonald House while my daughter Savannah–Lei was in the NICU nearby,” Mom Chanel said. “It's so nice to come home at the end of each day to wonderful meals, companionship and support from families and staff at the Oahu House.”

Silander Family
Silander Family (Big Island)

“I wanted to be by my son's side and to keep our family together. The House and being with our family has given Jayden the courage to walk again after being in a wheel chair.”

Giese Family
Giese Family (Big Island)

When a rare, autoimmune disorder struck Charytee, her whole family gathered to support her at the Judd Hillside House, where playing with her sister helped her recover.

Saiki Family
Saiki Family (Big Island)

With only minutes to prepare to be medevaced from the Big Island to Oahu for an emergency C–section, Kanani arrived with no place to stay, eat, or sleep. Ronald McDonald House provided a home–away–from–home and emotional support needed to heal and grow stronger with her twins, each born weighing under three pounds.

Camacho Family
Camacho Family (Guam)

“Staying here has given us multiple blessings…It allows us to be together and not worry about where we are going to go, and lets me create a routine for my baby, Rai.”

Dyson Family
Dayson Family (California)

“RMHC provided us a home and comfort during our difficult times. Talking to Kappy (Oahu House Manager) and other families going through similar situations gave us strength, hope, and faith.”

Hintze Family
Hintze Family (Big Island)

“When we made our way up Judd Hillside passing those big red clown shoes on the driveway, for the first time there was an indescribable peace that swept over us. It made the overwhelming sadness the furthest thing from my mind…”

James Family
James Family (Big island)

“Having a kitchen and an abundance of food — often cooked by volunteers–was so wonderful. And there were many others there going through similar situations, which was very comforting because they understood how we felt every day without saying words.”

Morel–Medina Family
Morel–Medina Family (California)

“While on vacation on Oahu, I ended up in the hospital and having my baby very early. RMHC Hawaii provided a safe place for us to eat, sleep, and heal while my baby got specialized medical care nearby. I could just focus on her growing healthy.”

Naboa Family
Naboa Family (Big Island)

“Being at the Ronald McDonald House allowed my family and me to be closer to our baby. We've built so many relationships with other families who were going through a similar situation. People in the house became our extended Ohana.”

Ngalu Family
The Ngalu Family (Western Samoa)

“The Ronald McDonald House was a blessing for us and gave us so much hope and positive energy. They provided care, room and board, and transportation when we needed it. It was so comforting to share food and stories with others from all over the world.”

Ohashi Bolo Family
Ohashi–Bolo Family (Lanai)

“Every day, coming home and driving up the driveway gave us a feeling of security and hope that we could get through this. We were in our own bubble. Staying in the security bubble meant everything to us. It's truly the House that Love Built–our security blanket…”

Paio Family
Paio Family (Big Island)

“The House helped us tremendously. It gave us peace of mind and helped relieve the incredible stress we were under. It was a home–away–from–home for me and my family. I would go to the House to find peace and rest while my parents stayed with the baby…”

Seah Family
Seah Family (Kauai)

“It's just agonizing to have your child go to bed in horrible pain and wake up in horrible pain… “Home” soon became the Ronald McDonald House. It has a great play room for the kids and playing was Grace's therapy — her distraction.”

Semeatu–Luaifoa Family
Semeatus–Luaifoa Family (American Samoa)

“God sends down angels for everyone. Ronald McDonald House is our angel. They don't just provide a house, they take care of you. Volunteers cook and staff is always around to provide transportation and other support. It's not just a job for them. They really care.”

Sidman Family
Sidman Family (Big Island)

“We are so grateful and blessed to have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House…and for them giving us a place to rest our heads, providing us with meals and daily rides to the hospital, and to and from the airport when needed. We could not have gotten through the three months without their assistance.”

Sproat Family
Sproat Family (Vancouver, British Columbia)

”The House is so serene. We didn't have to worry about “real life.” The convenience of meals and transportation is wonderful and it's so close that we could walk to the hospital. Everyone understands each other, and if you need someone to talk to, the other families are a great support system.”

Tait–Jamieson Family
Tait–Jamieson Family (Big Island)

“Our world flipped upside down when we found out our baby was sick. We didn’t know what we were going to do…until we heard about the Ronald McDonald House…It's a very lonely experience when your child is sick. You're at the center of the storm, but to know you are not alone is part of the survival…”

Tuiteleleapagas Family
Tuiteleleapagas (American Samoa)

“Welcome to the Family…every week, I talk to each person at the House and they tell me about their situation and life. My goal is to make people laugh. When you share laughter, you share life. It feels like someone is right there with you, a part of you.”

Quenga Family
Quenga Family (Guam)

“You want your child to live like every other child, you never expect them to be born with special conditions…I felt alone when we came here, but speaking to the other families has given me hope.”