Two Locations to Help You

Honolulu’s two Ronald McDonald Houses (RMH) are in continual operation 24-hours, 365-days–a–year. Each is a “home-away-from-home” for families that must come to Oahu seeking specialized medical treatments for their children’s catastrophic illnesses. RMH keeps families together during this, the most trying of times.

Both of our Houses provide a warm, dignified and supportive environment for our families, and are located in lower Manoa Valley.

Every year, the original RMH on Judd Hillside and RMH on Oahu Avenue provide lodging for hundreds of families. Guest families come from many different cultures throughout the Pacific Basin. They bring with them their traditions, languages and values to share with each other and the staff. Just over three-fourths of the families served come from the neighbor islands. Most others are from Guam and other Pacific Rim locations. The individual stories of the children and families who come to Ronald McDonald House continue to touch our hearts and inspire us with their courage and hope.

Other quick facts about our Ronald McDonald Houses

  • RMH-Judd Hillside House is for families with children receiving outpatient treatments or those traveling with siblings of the patient. It has served thousands of families since opening in 1987.
  • RMH-Oahu Avenue is for adult family members of children receiving in-patient care and for neighbor island women experiencing “high-risk” pregnancies. It began serving families in 2006.
  • Families are welcome to use the fully-stocked kitchens, pantries and laundry rooms
  • Transportation is provided to and from hospital locations, grocery shopping and for scheduled family outings.
  • About 60% of families have a child receiving outpatient treatment and 40% inpatient treatment. On average, two-thirds of the patients are under 5-years-old.
  • While many child–patients are being treated for birth–related conditions, the house also supports families whose children are fighting cancer, heart problems, organ failure, major physical trauma, and other life– threatening conditions.


The RMH-Judd Hillside House is the original Ronald McDonald House that opened more than 35 years ago. The House was completely renovated to add four more guestrooms and two additional bathrooms prior to opening and welcoming families in March 1987.

judd hillside house front entrance
Entrance to Judd Hillside House Manoa

In 2021, the Judd Hillside House’s new Family Recreation Center was unveiled. This project took a year and in–kind gifts and donations of an entire community to complete amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Cathy Lee, Cathy Lee Style, and John Adversalo, Architects Pacific, Inc., as well as many others, donated time and resources to help complete this multi–purpose Center with family gathering areas, computer stations, a gaming wall, reading loft and library, an indoor tree house and children’s play areas.

The “Tree of Hope” in the middle of the Center is an 18–foot–tall custom sculpture, created and designed by Cathy Lee and her team, that displays name plates of supporters who donated to this project.

Today, the Center provides comfort and relaxation for parents while their children can play or do school work nearby. Tommy Silva, CEO / President of T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc., said, “There is so much to see and do in this magical and creative space that children and their families will not only feel right at home, they will be able to heal and have some fun while doing so.”

Additional family gathering spaces were created throughout the Judd Hillside House and areas were refreshed to match the new addition in 2020.

The beautiful home was originally built in the 1920’s by Mr. and Mrs. George Lake. Subsequent owners were the McManus family and Joe and Marda Phillips. A group of community leaders and partners purchased the home and property from the Phillips in 1984 to become Hawaii’s first Ronald McDonald House.

Judd Hillside Address

Judd Hillside Ronald McDonald House
1970 Judd Hillside Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822

Map & Directions to Judd Hillside

Oahu Avenue House

RMH-Oahu Avenue is for adult family members of children receiving in-patient care and for neighbor island women experiencing “high-risk” pregnancies. It began serving families in 2006.

oahu avenue house driveway entrance
Entrance to Oahu Avenue House in Manoa Valley

RMH-Oahu Avenue offers seven guest rooms and is adult-friendly, with calm surroundings, spacious community areas, a library, and exercise room.

Oahu Avenue Address

Oahu Avenue Ronald McDonald House
2868 Oahu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822

Map & directions to Oahu Avenue House